Are You Blind or Cruel

Poésie pour le temps courant / Poetry for Current Times

Are You Blind or Cruel

It’s 2020 and you text me
Am I lucky or unlucky
It’s been a while but you don’t care
Cause you miss me
Enough for you with courtesy
But the clock just said you’re wrong
There’s no second chances for second premises

It’s always the same story
It’s only pain that brings us down
It’s always the same series
It’s either pride and ice or the heater and tears
We are not made for love
We are just ever postponing machines

What should I do with it
Do you expect me to answer
Do you expect me to shiver
Do you expect me to thrill
To drow me down under the sink
To smoke my brain untill I see you in my nightmares
But I will have no fever I swear
I know the game
And I’m tired of being ill
This boose is defenitely…

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