Black Screen

Black Screen

Yeah can we talk to anybody
The joke is dead you don’t get it
Can we talk to anybody
I’m not sure we can understand

It’s a terrasse
The virus stands in the background
Asked a lighter
Said she was safe but washed her hands
A friend of hers you can’t be sure
So you’re the sensible one
You think I am offended tone just like a quote
Waving her hand cause of the smoke
End of the joke

We should shut down
What do you think we’ll talk about
If we are squared into boxes
Some are listening to their body
The other ones have no passion
It’s all about making a deal
Avoid any contradiction

Can we talk to anybody
End of the jokes no more stories
We should exchange prepared phrases
Like they used to in my family
No more headlines
Follow the rhyme
It is so poor
I’m gonna die
Thousands years from here
It’s gonna be the same
Just a bit worst but you don’t care
Children are gonna grow like that
Obsessed with themselves and more and more flat
There’s no bridges
To cross ages
Generations closed
To their own mind

Should I fire
Some alert gun
I am still waiting in the sun
For you to come
For you to come
End of stories
No surprises
Every birth is an enterprise
Between the sun and your desire

Oh black screen
In every mind
Oh black screen
Too much for me
I should resign