The Night Is Coming Down

The Night Is Coming Down

The Night is Coming

Slowly coming down

And the whole bar is waiting for something to come

And everybody feels the same

Where should I go who should I blame

Everybody is feeling the same

A bunch of sex

For a ticket to love

All alcohols can make it right

Cause we don’t have no strength to fight

The night is coming

I should be warming you before it’s too late

Since life is no fate

You should be listening

This life of postponing

Is no good for anyone

I should be there

Taking your arms and your shoulder

In a clumsy attempt to love

But you’re not in

You give your life above the bargaining

You play the dices

But you don’t wanna come

I feel so lonely

No hypocrisy

You have to trust

The words I chose oh yeah

Keep on lightning

Be strait in the alert to come

Keep on burning

Untill eveything is done

Cause it’s worth it

I swear it is

Listen to me

I feel being like the only voice

And now you drunk

But the sun is ready to enlighten the show

You see I’m no weirdo

I’m speaking so deep

You should have given a chance

To this day to beat the dawn

Break me down

Untill I’m no breathing anymore

I’m just a bird you are the core

Listen to me and learn me how to fly

I’m still expecting

I’m still wondering

If you’re the one that could break the coarse

Oh yeah