Daily Wonder

Daily Wonder

It’s a daily wonder

Everyday’s disaster

Are we all sitting before an endless screen

Am I a machine recording my life like a shameless drone

Images are just podcasting the dream

But we’re still waiting for the sun to come

It’s a daily wonder

That spoils my pleasure

I see the world from a long distance

I feel my shadow

Is no more casting

I think I’m late for the finale trance


Is the only law

I feel my steps

They’re suddenly forgetting my vows

And I can’t hear you

What you’re saying

Is overruled by voices I can’t seat in a row

All news are fake

Am I mistaken

Or is the world no more a place to pound

I can’t touch the ground

I’m walking again but I can’t feel I go

There’s no goal when you’re under the dome

We’re under the sky

Eager for a smile

Remember birds are still flying alone

We’re under pressure

Can’t fell the leather

My skin becomes some dry paper

But I’m afraid we still expect to grow

Into divine

Into some crime

Like vampires sucking their own blood

And following the flow

They would say I’m expecting too much

From humankind

But I will never be sued for betrayal

We’re outnumbered

Poets and workers

We feel the same we live to honour

Some purpose we can’t name with words

It’s a daily wonder

Feel like a spider

Trapped in its own web

Waiting for someone to ring the door

Ringing the door