I’ve drown
Like a stone
In her mind
Orchids and Furies
Turn into parchments in the sky

I feel drowning
Slowly down
I’m laying on my back
The watercress
Strokes me
Slowly down

All my life
Passing by
In a slow motion
I’m drowning
Slowly drowning
No emotion

I think I realise
I loved you
More than thee
Too much love
Not required
Too much love
I think I realise
She had no love and I think
She turned afraid of my rhymes
And my crazy skies

Please hoist a flag
I can see too much stars
In the sky

I’m not breathing
I can move
But I can’t look back

I’m sleeping
On a wire
And I can’t look down

I’m bleeding
I’m dropping
But it makes no difference
In the sky