Don’t Touch the Devil’s Wings

Don’t Touch the Devil’s Wings

I used to be some angel among them
I used to please my dad on His scale
I tried to find the best way to please Him
I dreamt a lot and then He was out of my reach

I’ve tried oh yeah I’ve tried so hard
I’ve come again and more with more offerings
I even was the one you could despite
I was trying my best to make Him smile
To make Him proud and I then failed (Oh guy I did)

Falling from the clouds
Nothing to grab to stop my fall
Falling falling from the clouds

I brought with me
A bit of light
Oh yeah a bit of light
Can’t you see me shine in the dark

Don’t touch
Don’t touch the Devil’s wings
Or your fingers are gonna bleed
And your mind is gonna
Blow in the sky
Like a coma
Cause Lucifer carries the light
Oh oh oh
Cause Lucifer makes it right

I was in love I tried my best
I was alone I tried to confess
But you were closed to crazy highness
All my apologies can’t change this mess

Don’t touch
Don’t touch the Devil’s skin
We’re on the ground and I’m mean
Don’t touch
Don’t touch the Devil’s sky
Your soul is one ticket trip
Oh oh oh
I don’t care cause I fly I don’t care
Oh oh oh
I play my dance in despair
Cause now we’re in deep ground (I know)
I hope that you remind
I was an angel in the background
Cause now we are in waiting times (I know)
And I can play the dices
But you lose again
Oh oh don’t touch the Devil’s wings
You’re all but in vain
Oh oh or I would put a ring on your finger
Cause I’m the Devil’s rhyme it’s a ring of fire
Oh oh oh
Cause I’m the end of everything
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Cause I’m the end and the beginning