I have been notified

I should right now go to the center and get my test

Is it a kind of invitation

We have to get used to

Evil is just so familiar

Sometimes you mistake him with your best friend or love

I know it’s late to tell such things

And I know I’m too old to ever pretend

That I would be surprised anymore

All these frustrations are supposed to be dealt on the examination couch

But I’m too late all I miss is written for ever in the stone of my soul

Evil is just a white robe a lab coat always a uniform

Science you know is also some unicorn

They rule for the blinds

Don’t wanna be one of them

I wanna see the light even if it burns my sight

I will follow the truth at the pulse of my wrist

Even if it’s dumb

Even if it’s empty

If I find a hollow I will be a shadow in the wind

Still the window is close the curtain is moving

Let me spray me out of this crazy tale I’m not supposed to be a character from any fantasy

And sometimes I feel I’m by myself a true cimetery

Let me vanish oh let me be a ghost

I’m just an empty box

Opening this coffin is such a bad idea

I am no decent host for your dear broken bones

I am so full of doubt

You would perish with me

I am so full of doubt

Even if it’s empty