Looking all around for a place I don’t know

I met a bunch of traders and I met a widow

Life is a parody sometimes

And if you look closer yeah you will see the frame

This place is mine

I’m looking all around

Those riddles on my face

This place is mine

I’m looking all around and I’m feeling the flow


Beating in the streets

Don’t be afraid of scraching

I’m not a vampire I have no courtesy

Don’t be afraid of denying

Nobody knows the truth

But we are built to reach the canvas

I hear the blood flows for some meaning

If you’re looking around you can see the painting

Nature is sublime

A single rivulet reminds me Edgar Poe

All the books have never been written

The only author I have named the Devil

And they will never be that you can be certain of

I leave you

At the next corner

You know the best friend is for five second

And some meters in your life

Children know

That any promise is monkey currency

Let it go

I’m walking all around no other way to go

This place is mine

And you can feel the streets are like

Don’t be afraid of the straw man

Don’t be afraid of the straw man

When you can feel the sand is flowing in your hand

And you just remember what’s next is far beyond

Anything you know

Anything you believe

Oh yeah

It’s time to go

Oh yeah

I feel the flow starting again