I’m from the undercover side of life

All I mean is reversible

All I mean is dark and light

I’m from the hidden side of the park

I wanna walk in the fire

I can feel from here the appeal of the fall

All my life is a play some people have mistaken for a reality

I’m playing backstage

Like in a chiaroscuro

You can see me through a chinese shadow

If you seat at the first row

Can you hear my voice is always an echo

Everything I do is bit postponed

It’s like my whole existence is just a rehearsal

Of an unwritten play

Of an unwritten show

Can you believe I’m a beggar I’m seating the last row

When I shout all around on people I don’t know

Cause I know no one and I won’t ever know anything

I’m just a show oh please forgive me

Next time I will parade all dressed in indigo

Oh please don’t mind

I’m worst than a child

Because I know

I’m worst than a child

Because I know

Oh yeah

I feel ashamed

Oh yeah

I’m the one to blame

Oh yeah