Sorry (Courtesy)

Sorry (Courtesy)

Sorry but I don’t live in this world

I know it sounds like a courtesy

But I’m not saying so you excuse me

I’m far beyond all apologies

Spiders on wall are just a game

Mine is darker than any angel

That felt from the sky

I feel ashame cause I am no soldier

I am no priest I am no saint

I’m full a deep nonsense I’m not even a poet

And I know you should go

This weight is really heavy to borrow

But they all said it before me you shouldn’t even listen to me

When I whistle at the edge of the cliff

Unleash my horses black and full of fury

And when I write at the end of the pen

Pay my duty write a poem everyday

In this absence of any bridge

In this absence of any bridge

You such a fool being seduced

You suck my blood this time this is your courtesy

Shout shout shout

And cry cry cry

But what do you expect from me

Why do laugh why do you phone why do you ring

When I just wanna part of the unknown

Unreachable with courtesy

Im just not there or anywhere else

This suffering is so funny

Why do you laugh Oh courtesy

This is evil when you blame me

I’m just not there

No courtesy