Drooling In The Dark (Ouroboros)

Drooling In The Dark (Ouroboros)

Fortunately a comet has no consciousness of itself
I’m drilling in the dark like a worm
And I expect no light at the end
My head is full my body collapsed
When I walk I feel like I’m not moving further at all
Is it a bar or a hotel and the rain in the light is holding it all in place
In a muting immobility like at the end of a nightmare
Suddenly enlightened
I can turn left or right
When you walk in your thoughts you are nothing but a snail stuck to its drool
A scapegoat waiting for its pillorying
And no sound is coming for your mouth

Would I be able to meet you anyway
Did I save enough strength to stand in your company
With this pale face and this body sentenced to eternal combustion
Oh my self-digestion
Is leading me
To the bottom
Self ostracism
Expected relapse
Anathema is a portal to the whole universe
Like the snake that bites its own tail

I wish I were some Ouroboros burning on the asphalt like a puddle of gasoline
The last fumes in the morning
Would you take a piece
They all ate me alive
And they want more
Could I smile ever again could I let once more loose in the sun
You will tell me
You will tell me I hope
You will tell me
I hope endlessly
Digesting me
My flesh and bones

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