Empty Canon

Empty Canon

Oh yeah I jumped semi consciously
In a bunch of flames or in a spiky bush
I was stranded in some poetical air
I didn’t feel any background in my back
I was supposed to be pinned on

Oh yeah let’s announce some harrow
I’m the best candidate to be called a mean shadow
Oh yeah let’s run teeth and knives
Let’s open wide our lips and empty our pocket
Cause tonight
It’s the big game
It’s like mices and men
Oh yeah

Cause I’m a scapegoat
I’m a designated survivor from doom
Oh yeah I’m so pretentious
It’s so easy to arm a weapon at my skinny shape
I’m only made of bones
And I have no soul
Oh yeah I’m close to the devil
You can empty your charge and make smoke the barrel
At my face

Without me there’s no war
It’s friendship and flowers to the extended world
Oh yeah without me
You enjoy the party full of objective joy

And so I feel sorry a bit
I wish I were not born so you can visit the map
Any trace
Any fruit of dissent
Any clue of remorse

I despise existentialism
This is my last coquettish bet
Oh yeah I feel I’ve no country
If you’re a bit alone you can join with me I won’t bite
Untill the end
Untill the edge
Untill the last words a human mouth could say
Oh yeah you would join me
But I have no plan you have to feel apart
From any