The Ocean is Rising / courtesy of Lucy

The Ocean is Rising / courtesy of Lucy

The world has been shared the world is owned

It’s a perpetual rehearsal of of the grapes of wrath

But I have no land to be spoiled of

It’s only me

And some astrology

What a crazy idea to be born in such a parody

We talk a lot about democracy

Remember the idiot at the end of the tragedy

I will open an oyster

I will send its shell to the flows

Of the green black sea

I will gather and wipe all the modern ashes

And I will cover some goat

And send it to the empty world

Elections are a fabrication

The medias supremacy

Is a plain way to tell we’re all guilty

Of an everyday complicity

O if you open a book you’re just all forgiven

What’s left to be done is to tell it’s all wrong

In a poetry written from the bottom of your guts

There is no hunting

There is nothing to be scared about

It’s all in plain field

If you can’t see the sights

You can take my shoulder for a while

But I am no rock

The ocean is rising and it’s all about breathing

Till the depth of your lungs

Is turned inside out like a glove

I can’t see the globe

I can’t see the line

Being born in a desert is a fate

I wouldn’t wish to my best enemy

Let’s try to find

A new land here

If you dig at your feet there’s some gold memory

Which is not coming out from any nostalgy

Cause I swear

I don’t believe it was better back in the days

Our fathers

A shovel in the night to draw their path in the snow

Our mothers

From an ancient design giving their body to a plan nobody understands


Oh yeah

I feel the stars are just reborn


Oh yeah I feel the stars are falling to the ground

And we have to collect

The salt from the earth

Oh yeah ah ah

The salt from the earth…