Ghosts in Underwear

Ghost In Underwear

I’m seeing ghosts in underwear
The wind’s battering the shutter
Of a single tower window
Sometimes I live in a manor in a prison cell of my mind
My lonely prison full of ghosts
In underwear

Cause you can’t fix everything for life
There is no words to keep away
Things that can hurt things that can dig
Big holes with spikes under your chest
You can’t keep close all the windows
Messages are falling from the sky

I was waiting by the river
To see the past run in silence
In deep waters there’s a green light
Enlightening hordes of mute furies
Twirling in fantastic shadows
I hear a voice I see a face
Please let me go
Let me away

I wanna keep those things at bay
What we promise when we see ghosts
Under some influence of fear
Following a sens of drama I can’t discard

I wanna drop
Like a bundle of bloody laundry
My heart my breath and all these days
My stupid taste for tragedy
At the next corner of my life
I wanna be someone
I don’t know