Just Slap it Down

Just Slap it Down

This pretention to be someone
Just slap it down
This foolish eager to exist
Just slap it down
This ambition to be applauded
By everyone
Even the ones that you despise
Under your chest
On the blackest side of your mind
Just right in time
Just pack your things and heat the road
You’re just an eternal remorse
A river’s carrying a corpse
Stare at your feet
Cause you’re my bro’ and my sister
On this earth swiped by the air
From gods of rocks
Full of love and angry hunger
And I don’t care if nothing grows
Between the lines
After the steps I’m making blow
Just in the dust of a vertigo
Which is sublime
Only by chance I swear I know
Some witch and dark
Endless and deep awfull hollow
Where I am just
Waiting for someone to follow
Some unexpected sorrow
I have no hand
To give you just have to believe
The night is sweet
And more heartwarming than the sun
When the world is lying
In a brutal lack of patience
Would you allow
For just a second in your thoughts
To beat the run
Of the horses of an arrow
Hit by the man
Who remembers there is a flow
In the distance
And cannot throw ever a stone
To any cat
Even if they frighten the dow
On its branches nobody saw
I have ancestors in the old
Prairies of holly sacred cows
Raised by forgettable peolple
Whose skin is red
And used forbidden substances
To make their bones
A bit stronger than the shadow
Of the dreams that all make us go
For not to die

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