Don’t do art it’s too late
The sun is setting down behind the black curtain
And if you feel any passion
Please go hide yourself in some cave of your mind

It’s too late to make the difference
Any pretention has to stand to the wall
It’s too late to think you’re born
Any ambition will be shot in the back of your mind

Oh please don’t care
If you don’t wanna sleep you’ll show out as a freak
Don’t be proud just be nowhere
Don’t sing any song you’re no bird
Who do you think you are
If you don’t wanna make money you are the last
And just a crazy monkey

There is still some ladder to climb
I can see you’re brown eyes pointing sharp to the sky
There’s still something vibrating it’s a true story
I can tell behind this cell of glass and with you’re blue eyes
You can fly still in your mind

The blood is still running like an ancient torrent
In the ancient bed of some green river
The stones are shining like eternal youth
In the deepth murmuring of an old crater
You have to wait don’t be patient
In your human mind there’s a memory
You cannot disguise
In this secret drawer
There’s a brush which can paint the future and the past
With the blinding salty colours
Of an outburst a sudden awakened volcano
Oh yes you know
You know everything
Oh yes you know
You know everything
I’m writing at the end of an extrem angst
You can gently rock my blues
In the back of your mind
Oh yeah please do

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