And the Angel Killed the Beast

And the Angel Killed the Beast

In the late moistened evening
I was sitting on my chair
The air gutted with tobacco 
When he knocked with his one phalange

Now there’s no god on the hill
I feel lonely with the beasts
Shadows come from the woods
Whispering with no names

You’re not a free man he said
You’re a wireless puppet
Fetch me some bread I just fasted
And a bed for the night

I did what the Angel said
He sat mannerly on my chair
Puffed on my pipe and started to say
I was a one-shot dreamer
And my barrel was empty for so long
His wings trailing in the ashes
He could rip off my tongue

He told me the story of this girl
That lost her nine-year old brother
While they played by the well
In the glory of the sun
It just happened in the morning
While he prayed in the streets
He said there are so many ways
To be selfish with you men

He was slender in a red suit
Bare foot on my dusty ground
The pipe ended he poured it down
On the floor and just crushed
Glowing embers with his toes

Then he forced me to drink his blend
I was so drunk I could not speak
And tears were burning on my face
When he crawled me down to bed
I remember the taste of ashes
He might have sticked in my mouth

When I woke up in the next night
The wind was howling through the curtains
I could barely stand and walk
To the kitchen from which
I could hear some hound
That evaded by the door
Wide opened on the woods
I touched my head with two fingers
That felt like they were broken
It was shaved and then I see
Bloody wings on the floor

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