Full-Flight Simulator

Full-Flight Simulator

Who you’re talking about
And who you’re talking to
When it’s gone with the last
Word you said to the aircraft

You gonna talk like a clown
You gonna talk for the fools
You gonna fly in an empty sky
You’re practicing a flight simulator
A full-flight simulator

The empty sky the empty night
The day has come you haven’t sleep
The hours are deep time is asleep
Like a dark passenger
Rubbering your time
Rubbering your life

It’s just a ghost in the line of sight
Stay calm please fasten
Your seat belt securely
It’s just a dream you’ll be landing soon
In case of emergency you will have
To keep your baggage in the plane
Please stay calm
Pull the mask to release the oxygen
You’ll be landing soon 
You’ll be breathing I swear

Don’t follow the voice
Don’t look at this face
It’s just the only way 
The only way to escape
Erase all the memories
Erase all the memories
To keep the mirages at sight
To keep the storm silent and quiet
It’s just in your blood
This feeling you miss something
This feeling you missed someone
A hand in your hand
A smile in the rear-view mirror 
Don’t close your eyes
It’s just a flight simulator
There’s no degree in those feelings
Human race found

I’m practicing the flight simulator
The full flight simulator
Never learnt how to fly for real
Never learnt how to fly
Never learnt how to learn
Never learnt
Never learnt anything at all

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