high quality life

high quality life

i’m gonna play it cristal clear
my words are made of gold
but it’s a sliver range they quote
i’m looking straight
to all those things I love
from the other side of the flow

don’t make it harder
I deserve no fake smile
it’s a lifetime we walk on Earth
when the sun hits the door
I’ll be for ever waiting
like I have just reached the target
my best coat is a blanket
I wrap my body in naked
nearby the fire
of all expectations of all inhibitions
melting like frozen feelings
all alone and alone but not almost lonely
just cause I dare to take the spring in charge
and if you see me
the loop is just turning all around
like a child who has no clue
oh the wind keeps me climbing
it’s a ladder made of glass
oh it keeps me trying
to pierce in the last screen of the world

coockoo roo coocko roo coockoo raw yeah
I clap the last clap
cockoo roo coockoo I felt it in my bones
when they just detached from my soul

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