Love is Cancelled

Love is cancelled

Three steeps from Heaven
Three steps bottom on the line
What do you say dear
Yeah it’s ok I’ll be fine

My car remembers all the blurry
I remember you weren’t calling
My cigarettes on the highway exit
My life pending on a texting

Oooh yeah I was blind like they say
I was trying to make the world ours
Should have read more precisely
The comics when the bunny collapses away

Love is cancelled
It’s an old story for me
Love is cancelled
It’s a story I’ll never tell to the child
I’ll never have

Dark and stormy
Is a drink for fools and lonely vagrants
Bubbles of nostalgia
Are coming around and I’m drowned

Life is a cold case
When you can see memories
Scrolling on the screen
Of your mind

Love love
Is it a fantasy I was crazy enough
To take for real
My hands will never again
Touch your breast and I can’t hear your voice
But in my nightmares

It’s a story that has ever been told
Again and again and again
Love is cancelled
Since you awoke as my farest shelter
Since you’re the one I mistook
For someone else

Love love
Love is cancelled
Love love is cancelled
As a painting we never saw together

illustration : Van Gogh, La Chaise de Vincent, 1888.