Lost Love Is the Point

Lost Love Is the Point

I could write about that
It’s a loss it’s a bargain
It is something that nothing can be compared with
It’s you trying to find your marks
So you can walk again but you don’t care
You have to burn the whole burden and you feel like
You will never be free again

You understand birds you understand you are still living on earth
You understand your pain is just a childish way to put the world upside down
Cause you dispise yourself if you are sad it’s all about you
You understand a butterfly is better than you
Cause it’s flying it’s flying
And you don’t

You have the paper and the words are your friends
You escape in some dark corridor
Your mother is yelling but you don’t care
All those periods of times that are supposed to define you
Are just crashed in a single violent shut down
Cause we don’t care
We don’t care what is supposed to be us

You’re not the first
You’re just the second and the thrid
Cause you know she left and she was rigtht
Oh yeah she was and she was right
She is the one to know
That nothing is ever meant to
Oh yeah she’s right
And you get down to your kneels
Oh yes you do

I could tell some other story
It would be about a cat trying to get a ladder
To suckle the kitties but it can’t
Time is not on its side
Oh no time is not

illustration : Winslow Homer, A Fresh Breeze, 1881.