Keith Richard(s)

I mean, the conversation is sold, if you’re talking about modern music, soul, blues, after coming jazz music (I don’t know why but jazz is sold out for me…), it ‘s the Rolling Stones, I mean, be serious, it’s them, point. And what do you see here, on stage, exactly what Richards said : Jagger is trapped. He is genious, but he is trapped : being Mick Jagger. He is genious in a way but he HAS to pretend : the other ones don’t. Why ? The answer is in the question : because they are NOT Mick Jagger. Keith Richards is NOT Keith Richards : even if, of course, he has to make the show go round, and by that to untertain people and keep them believe in a certain limit he IS Keith Richards, he still have a huge margin NOT to be anyone : he is dancing, he plays when he wants, when he thinks about it (at Altamont, Mick has to stop him on Sympathy : « Keith !… Keith… ») : the man is not here, of course he is a bit, he makes money and so on but it’s even more effective to prouve what I mean : he DOESN’T give a shit… He is on stage, he walks ramblely, he is a beggar, full of money, but still, he is like JJ Cale : what do you want from me, I’m already Keith Richards, I don’t know the guy and I am not him, let’s roll, and roll, and roll… That’s it, and I know my English is shit, sorry Rostbeef, you’re my brothers. Truth and heart. Kisses