Next Room

Extra poem for La suite en x

This is a room for a student
Where a woman hiding alone
Is full of fear for everyone

Next room next door and next button
Next time to ring if you can cross
The insensible corridor

Forming a claw with your finger
And then waiting for no answer

Next room is dreams with candy teeth
And a potential paradise
A place to drink a place to die
In a large bed covered with blood
Flooded with sweat and with champagne

Next room is beating in my veins
The white sheet offers me her lips
And we are wrapped in waves of waves
Ocean trapped in waiting room…

S, le 9 décembre 2017, Black Diamond and Byens Kro

I'm writing. Poems. Stories. Songs. And not so boring reviews about movies, actors and, when I get really angry, news. In the blank spaces, I'm teaching. "Littérature". In a high school. A French one. In Copenhagen. In Denmark. On Earth, in the so-called (Scientist, Priests, Painters, Bakers and Postmen but curiously no Politics) so, in the so-called Universe, on Earth, in Denmark, Copenhagen. My biography is still in progress and will be updated when required. Next time I'm considering quitting everything for a non-sense relocation project of myself in Louisiana (the American one) or writing a poem to some iconic beautiful woman who has crossed my path for just a glance and I want to make it last. In vain, it goes without saying : told you I was a poet. Here it is folks. Haw ! most of all, and not to be forgotten : All my Love. Enjoy reading (and not only me). Sébastien

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