Life Is Life

Life Is Life

life is life
it’s all that matters bro’
you feel you drown into butter
it’s all that social matter and all

cause life is life brother
it’s up to you
if you can see it all
it’s shining behind the sky
behind the strip and this boredom of yours

it’s not always blue and most certainly unkind
it’s life and disasters
you have to take it all
on those shoulders of yours

it’s heavy stuff and no much space for hope
life can be a dead crow
you have to spread the wings on your own
an umbrella of ink shadow
and it’s called life
and it’s all that matters

do you need the violins
to play background and you feel some depth
do you need a girl or a friend or two
to hold your hand

if there’s none it’s up to you
to feel so light everything’s blue
and some G flat in the distance
and some minor thoughts from underground

it’s all to you to build the stage
where you can shout and play the game
don’t be a clown
cause sadder it will be
there is no range and there’s no end to this story
and this blank history of yours
your life is a tale
told by a fool you know…

it’s all about dancing with misery and the candle
cause life is life don’t be gentle
sweet bro’ of mine and sister too
it’s a needle
a bunch of straw
gimme your hat
and please don’t park into the row
I’ll show the range
at super scale
I’ll show this point
there’s no end

oh sweet brother and sis’
got to admit it is alright
cause life is life
and it’s alright

oh yeah….