Invitation To Travel

Invitation To Travel

I wanna make some space
And I would like to create just a bit of time
I wanna swim an endless bath
I wanna laugh and cry with a single mouth

I would like to usurp some privilege of God
I wanna add a footnote to the Holy Book
So we could just embrace
This whole infinity that stands in a smile

I wanna be relieved from the hook
I’m not a butterfly you can stick to the board
Of your vanity
I wanna be excused from any decency

But we always feel it’s late
We’re like kangourous that cannot escape from the loop
And the game is already done
Some people say it’s a matter of fate
Or it’s just history which is wandering alone
Around and around and around

I saw you in the Middle Ages
I saw you burn on a stage like an enlightened fool
I saw you walking the fringes
Telling the lepers they are much more humans than the kings

Oh yeah I saw you draft
You were barely a ghost in the sunlight for real
Like you were talking in a postponed shadow of loom
You were so far so far above of my realm

Oh yeah it’s time to stand a new horizon
It’s time to draw something we don’t know
But if you think about it bro’
You feel like it’s something that you met before
In your heart
In a dream
In a vaste painting
In the light
In a chiaroscuro I feel a vertigo
In the night
Of a shipwreck told by Ducasse
Is it something a bit older than the past
Is it a fabulous neurosis
You would like to dismiss (I guess)

But you know there is no other train to the moon
You can burn the path with your feet of gold
You can cancel any relationship
Cause if you wanna meet the end of space and time

You have to let them go
It’s a lonely trip
You have to let them blame you for all
Let them blame you for anything they want
For anything they missed from the start
Oh yeah just let them go
Remember the voices always told you so
To the edge
To the edge of time and space
To the edge
To the edge of time and space…