The Leather Scale

The Leather Scale

On the leather scale

I would drop my jacket in the river

On the leaher scale

I would drop my skin and no horizon

Nothing to expect I dropped myself

And humanity is just an audience

Ready to clap

But most of all is just ready to blame

I’m like a glove

You could turn my skin upside down

And my bones

Would be collected in a parchemin patron

I feel there is no depth

But the fire you got from your guts

I feel like a cow

Is it the cow way of thinking coming through my skin

I feel like I have to respond for some sin

But I won’t pay any apologies for not being

Totally human


Wild at heart

Was not enough

To express

What I mean right now

I’m not pretending to patronise

I have no lesson left in this sac of mine

I’m fronting the mirror every morning

And I tell myself I’m just

In between

Something a few would agree with

Something a few would understand

I have a problem

With commitment in this human life

So I get rid of my skin

Like a snake

Like a turtle from outta space

My leather skin

Is coming from an old story

My leather skin is not mine as you can see

I’m obsessed with some sublimated harmony

My leather skin

Is eating me

Is devouring me

Oooh oh…