My Hometown Disappeared in my Back

My Hometown Disappeared in my Back

The best idea the one I don’t want to embrace

When I’m tired to death when I sudden get low

And when I feel my face is drowning with the flow

Infinity is always slow empty shadow empty burden

Under the bridge the time has stopped to make it grow

It’s raining in my heart as it rains on this town

I’m a pilgrim walking on Earth the scene of crime

And everywhere I go I think I am nowhere

Just a pagan with a pitiless God in mind

I’m a peasant who has no land no more to plough

A windmill in a book who has no seed to grind

I’m reading the same pages again

At the end of this field I turn over on the same path

I give a look for grace in this (un)inhabited vault

Cause I am not ready to loosen my laces

Since most people I know have softened their voices

And some friends down below are trapped in their boxes

Knocking on empty walls

Echoes flying faster than any vow I make

It is not strong enough whatever oath I take

On the map no finger can point  the slightest link to the past

My hometown tells a crow  disappeared in my back

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