A Dream Told Me

A Dream Told Me

The sweat has dripped for nothing
But to swamp the sheets
A dream told me
I was afraid to meet

Furthermore all the shapes
Of this demon of yours
Lightness as heavy as stone
A dream told me
I was stuck to my bone

Many stand in the crowd
Just one but he traps you
And he touches with his repulsive hands
This body of yours this soul
Was asking me for help
But just a dream told me
I was so late so late
Houdini wins the con artist escapes

Oh lord this big mouth smiling at my face
You crying for help
But after you agreed to dance
I was already doomed
When you agreed to dance
With a saleman his ugly face
That will haunt me

Freud is laughing again
I’m awaken in a trauma
A dream told me it’s a coma
I need to use in the end
Of this sentence you sent
Instagram post a cheap drama

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