Memory Board/Auf Spitzen

Memory Board/Auf Spitzen

It’s crock and knees and brooks and tears
It’s cork and breeze torments and fears
Let us see spikes and kite and knights
Randomly spread out on the sheet
Knitted in some curtain of night
Can’t see the canvas but bet it’s rotten
Bugs and woodworms larvae you name it
Let us celebrate some invisible tragedy
Shakespeare was born in a tannery
An old Scottish actor told me
You can find clues and hammers and nails
In his poetry stretching dead skins
That smells acid and river Thames
Back in the days it was filled with corpses
Give me a name give me some horses
It’s not because all the battles are lost for ever
You can’t blow a horn in the shades and the winter
Is running in your vein is ruining your breath
You can see suns all red burning under your lids
No mockery I have to twist this song of yours in the margin
The rain is bouncing on the lip the feet are just a bit sliding
No wishing well has ever pointed to a happy ending
I can’t see the name but I guess it’s from Klee
I just remember a bucket of peaks overthrown on the universe
Walking on spikes like a fakir charming the following verse
But I won’t bet I am writing under the spell of some memory
After research Entschuldigung auf Spitzen von Kandinsky

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