Windy Day

Windy Day

It’s all winding today

In the back streets near the cathedral

I feel like I got to crawl

All my mind chasing for some friend

There’s no place in the world

Get a coffee and have a rest

I feel it’s burning in my chest

A memory reset

This lonely day grows to my heart

With some unknown melancholy

The ancient tower is so bright

I leave a tower in my back

Don’t want to use the old recipes

It’s too late to be born again

Some lonely man sits in the street

Playing his old bandoneon

Backstreets the sun is shining

There’s a river that has no name

Some people gathered and laughing

Are making their path to my heart

I feel just the river has to flow

I feel like it will ever wind

And the moon shine with irony

In this winter lonely morning

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