A Lonely Night (pop tune)

A Lonely Night (pop tune)

I spent a lonely night
Swimming in my thoughts
I was like a dolphin
Maybe a cachalot (Oh yes I’m French)
I spent a lonely night
Upwards to the looming land
I spent it half awakened
In some old memories
And all my dreams were right
I just have to dismiss
Or to surf the wave of this blank eternity

It’s a major scale abortion
When the flag is on the wall
All the stars gathered to the center
Of a lonely nonsense question
I keep in vain
All the stamps on envelopes
Lonely the train
That leads to no antidotes

I feel I’m unplugged
The wire has lost the tune
Sleep is the last country
You don’t follow any rule
I think it’s cruel
I think I’d better change the crawling
In this lonely night
I have lost my memory
And I can’t recognise myself again but I will
This lonely face
This lonely dream
And when I do the maths
Then one and one is maybe two
This lonely dream
Where I meet the blues

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