Behind the Glass

Behind the Glass

I keep staying wondering
If I’m right or wrong
The world is awaiting for this day to come
When you say hello
With a smile that burns my skin
You dance like you’re alone
Behind the glass
You sing like you’re really gone
Behind this glass of lime

Do you think I could make it true
Making this poem come to life
But I feel so lonely
I would need a knife
To make your bubble blow in space
I’m keeping silent I should leave no trace
It’s just a matter of forgiving
Time and memories are dancing my dear
Through the blurry window of my dreams

You just dance like a butterfly
Behind the glass
When I think it’s time
To take the last train home
You dance like you’re a blank page
No angel would go this rhythm you found
I would feel anaerobic
Behind the glass
Behind the glass of this loneliness

Confidences are speaking at night
When will it be the last time we fight
But you just keep on dancing
From the shower to the next move
It’s a chest game that would play a fool
I think I’m too lonely I think I’m a fool
When you’re dancing
Behind the glass
Behind the glass of doom

I like my veins to be unclear
I like my mind to leave me here
In the memory of your shoulders
All your singing is a reminder
I’m a lonely soul
In the smell of your lipstick
When you’re dancing
Behind the glass
you make me feel love is glance
A gazing sun turning around
Burning itself like a deserted star
A postponed mail
Never supposed to be ever read
A lonely star behind the glass

You’re just dancing
Behind the glass
You’re just singing
Behind the glass
It’s a country I don’t know
A beauty I would never reach
Behind the glass
Of our unspoken dreams

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