every day leads to a statement
what did I lose
what am I still praying for
the world is not enough
did I keep it close enough to my stuff
was I corrupted in my election of gods
did I betray my guts to the fake hands of friends

I’ll never know but every day
leads me to wonder if I still should go this way
there is no cause my dear
there is no written path
you can read them poetry again and again
they lighted a fire it’s on your own to forget
I mean no mean sister
I mean no harsh word my bro
every single lead runs down below
the line of what that matters
there is no need there is no shelter
we’re under the sun and we keep on growin’

every day is the same you know
leads to a statement is there a way to flow
like we keep on flying
with no resentment with nothing to forgive
I am no leader I am just stating some commitment
everybody did everybody is ashamed of
take my hand I am a ghost
you can fear nothing with me

every day leads every day leads
to the mirror of those forgotten words
all my thoughts they keep on shining
when I cannot spell the letters of my dreams
keep me with you and I’ll be burning
with no reason you know
I’ll just keep on kneeling with my pride
stuck in my back like an arrow
the time I write it it’s for ever gone
the time I write it it’s for ever blown

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