Phoenix NUMBER X

Phoenix NUMBER X

It’s done we’re done and we don’t even know why
At first it was the same wonder why we should fly
(On a common wing)
Together together and together is just a rhyme
The desert like you say is a shortcut not to fall
All alone down…

You weight my silent and yours like a dime
We have to pay to be sure we’re on
What a fake fairy tale I’m a child
You’re a grown-up posturing for a new-born

This is life and we don’t know
This light playing the shadow
We don’t care what the other
What the other really blossoms for

There’s a train I was in
Painted my face for you to shine
And I jumped off no relieving
Because life is just a carnal game
Oh my soul
Oh my love
I’ll never meet you alone on this ground

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