Same Place

Same place

Same place but couldn’t find what time
I was there before
Is it a loop I feel better light is smiling
Through the windows
It’s a breakfast box made of glass
I’m familiar with it’s settled on both sides
Of my sentimental diary book
The time has passed the day is warmer
It’s like the ice I was walking on
Can never exist on the earth
The illusion of some complicity with the waiter
I totally invented on a fictional background
Gives me a hand to run against
The encounter that just stopped
In the machinery room
Of this boat that I just called life
I saw a bike unifying all those moments
Riding from the right hand to sew
My wounds and it is all a brand new skin
I’m not reborn I’m still sitting at the same place
It’s more like a distance in my heart
A secret box a double bottom in a suitcase
I can see through the past without bloodying my chest
And the bike is riding in a perpetual escape
With no shadow to this Pantheon in my mind