Farewell My Lady

Farewell My Lady

Farewell my lady, enjoy the sun without me, if you meet God I’m so delighted, and in a minus scale, if you meet love, you have all my benediction

The trees are tall, the fields are wide, I remember your skinny steps and I think they’re made to hit the ground

My fair lady I wish you the mountains, the endless book that we never read together, I wish you the seas, the uncommon explosion of the unexpected dreams that Earth allows to the human being

I’ll never be a load in your pack, you can feel free as a sunlight on the ground, in a Sunday morning, maybe you know what I mean

Time was too short in between us so I can’t talk about any promises, but in this shadow of the sedge in the lake, I feel like I

Am this type of guy to say : everything is fine

You can love again

You can love anyone

I’m flying my way

Always with your rhyme

illustration : Frank Bernard Dicksee, La belle dame sans merci, 1901